All purchases in this store will go to fund updates and content additions! The server will be under constant development and your support means we can do more things quickly! Thank you for your support!

As a donator, you are still obligated to comply with all server rules. Donating to the server does not make you immune to punishment, above the rules, or above other players. Should you break any of our server rules, you are subject to kick, ban, or perma-ban, and if perma-banned, will forfeit all gifts presented to you for your contributions. All donations are non-refundable upon the finalization of your gifts presented. All custom jobs and limited character jobs that are donated for are subject to removal or become available for new ownership from a new donator, if the original donator is inactive for more than 30 days. Finalized donations cannot be transferred for other donation options, to other players, or accounts, for any purpose or under any circumstances. All donators should understand that a donation is a gift to us, and not a 'purchase' of any kind. We are not selling any physical or virtual goods, nor providing any service to you, we are simply rewarding various benefits to you on our game server(s) in return for your generosity. Donators also understand, given donations are gifts, we are not obligated to give anything in return for in the first place. We reserve the right to remove, edit, or modify any donator statuses or options at any time. We sincerely thank you for any donations that you have made. Any contributions made will be going towards paying the server(s) monthly costs and as commission to content creators (level designers, 3D modelers, JS developers, etc.) We do NOT claim any credit or copyright whatsoever for any of the content, characters, or names being used on our Minecraft server from other games, or any of the characters or names from the Minecraft universe movies and or books. All Minecraft universe related content, entities, characters, and names, credit and copyright goes to the Microsoft Corporation and its associates. All donators understand and agree to all these terms and conditions upon donating.